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About Doctor’s Best

Initially established as a company managed and controlled by an actual specialist and not a businessman in a suit, this company is undeniably one of the most interesting smaller manufacturers in the market. The brand has over 200 products to choose from and a system of quality control that beats many other bigger corporations. The focal point of this system is inspecting raw materials and working with suppliers that are famous for delivering exceptional materials.

The Research and Development facility of the company coexists with a hospital where some of food supplements are tested in clinical conditions. The manufacturing process is controlled by independent inspectors and a special QA department. Alongside manufacturing and distributing high quality products, specialists of Doctor’s Best constantly participate in educational programs and help to teach others about the benefits of balanced dieting and healthy lifestyle.

Doctor’s Best Products

The company was founded by a practicing physician who wanted to create simple health products that would benefit one’s body and mind while not conflicting with Rx medications and/or therapeutic treatment plans. Amongst DB’s products are:

  1. Vitamins
  2. Minerals
  3. CoQ10 and Omegas
  4. Herbs and Organics
  5. Enzymes and Probiotics
  6. Amino Acids
  7. Wholesome supplements
  8. Specialized goods for your health

What Doctor’s Best Products Can You Buy?

All products that you may find interesting to you can be found in our vast catalogues. Please check out our website and our offers to search for a specific supplement. While we consider all products from this brand highly effective and reliable, several goods can be highlighted:

  • PQQ WITH BIOPQQ™ 20MG. Tablets for vegetarians with special additives that will help your body to metabolize faster and produce more energy without pressuring your inner organs. This complex of coenzymes and micronutrients will help you to balance out any diet.
  • INSTANTIZED BCAA 2:1:1 POWDER. This preparation will give your body additional strength and regeneration abilities to recover faster after intense workouts. If you need a reliable BCAA source for your athletic diet, please consider this product.
  • VEIN SUPPORT WITH DIOSVEIN® AND MENAQ7®. These pills are really good for people who want to keep their blood vessel system as healthy as possible. With an addition of the blood orange extract, this product is all natural effective addition to your diet plan.

Testimonials from Users of Doctor’s Best

Doctor’s Best is a great brand with everything I need for my workouts. I can get all my BCAAs, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, Creatine, and Omegas from one company. Prices are fair and I like that deliveries are right on time.

Donny, 25

I always liked the idea of a brand that was started by an actual physician. Doctor’s Best is truly a great brand for those who seek a way to balance out a diet. I love that nearly all products from this company are vegetarian friendly.

Stephany, 31

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