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About Nordic Naturals

Founded by a man who tried every single of his inventions on himself, this company was one of the most interesting tradition-driven innovators in the market. This enterprise is based in California and has all of its production facilities and research centers situated in this sunny state, but its origins are in cold Norwegians lands. The founder Joar Orpheim had to bring remedies for his own injuries from his homeland until he decided to start his own company and produce his own medications in America.

The brand is a fuse of traditions and innovations driven by modern technology. With their strict quality control and high capacity production facilities, this company keeps brining new exciting products to the market. If you are interested in trying out health products and vitamins that have an exotic origin, you should certainly take a closer look at this enterprise.

Nordic Naturals Products

Nordic lands are full of natural riches and ancient knowledge. This company tries to put that knowledge to use and implements them into their remedies and preparations with great care. After a long development process, products of this brand arrive to the market to make customers happier and healthier. Take a look at what you can get:

  • Essential oils and a variety of fish oils.
  • Various herbal remedies for all body systems.
  • Supplements to support your bones and joints.
  • Preparations that will make your immune system more robust.
  • Prenatal and postnatal solutions.
  • Products for diabetics.
  • Weight management products.
  • Probiotics and digestive system aid.
  • Vitamin complexes and minerals.

What Nordic Naturals Products Can You Buy?

All products from this company sticking to its Norwegian origins you can purchase on our website. The variety is truly amazing and may confuse even advanced users of health products, but we are here to help you out. Check out several exclusive products from this company that will definitely make you interested in the brand:

  1. CoQ10 gummies are made of all-natural ingredients and based on pectin. This is a great source of coenzymes Q10 and will help your body to maintain the production of collagen on a steady healthy level.
  2. Arctic Cod Liver Oil™ Soft Gels are gull of essential oils that have truly amazing properties. This oil will help your body to recover faster and fight off a variety of diseases. Used to boost the immune system, this product is a great addition to your ration.
  3. Nordic CoQ10 Ubiquinol™ Sport is another source of coenzymes Q10 that was designed specifically for sportsmen with greater needs for steady supply of enzymes that help muscle tissues, skin, bones, and joints to remain healthy.

Testimonials from Users of Nordic Naturals

When I heard the story of Joar, I was truly inspired. I’m a gymnast myself and I know what it means to have injuries that take a long time to heal. When recovery stops you from doing your routines and keep training, it is the worst feeling ever. Norwegian remedies were very helpful during my recovery period after I hurt my ankle. I highly recommend this company to everyone!

Sandra, 22

I love the selection of health products offered by this brand. There are so many different cool things that you can buy and use to improve your health. I never thought that Nordic unconventional medicine is so rich. Fish oils from arctic and other cool remedies definitely bring a new flavor to the whole industry!

Amina, 27

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