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About Garden of life

The company of that scale usually operates on a completely different level compared to many manufacturers who don’t really have their own outlets and prefer to work with already existing distribution networks and pharmacies. Garden of Life is a big brand with many products attached to it. A plethora of high quality vitamin supplements, whole foods, health products, and many other goods that can increase your general wellbeing.

The history behind the brand is quite notorious and many people heard only good things about it. Several years ago, the enterprise started to shift its focus and use only non GMO organically grown raw materials and ingredients. Every single product has traceable history of ingredients that you can trace back to the farm where herbs and plants were grown. Such transparency and readiness to share their values make this company one of the best in the market.

Garden of life Products

It is hard to simplify the catalogue of this company down to a single block of products. In fact, this manufacturer has something to offer to a wide audience of customers including families, aspiring athletes, busy professionals, and pet owners. Discover the long list of product categories produced by GoL:

  1. High efficiency probiotics for your gut
  2. Protein powders and blends with essential amino acids
  3. Vitamin complexes with minerals
  4. Sport foods and pre work-outs
  5. Digestion aid in various forms
  6. Essential omega-3 oils
  7. Whole foods and greens
  8. Prenatal solutions
  9. Brain health and stress relief

What Garden of life Products Can You Buy?

If any of the products from this brand caught your attention, don’t hesitate to search for them on our website where you can buy a plethora of health products from various brands including GoL. We have everything from simple food supplements to refined sport foods. However, we think that there are several products that deserve your attention the most:

  • Goatein® Pure Goat’s Milk Protein is a great addition to your diet. A pack of amino acids that will help your body to recover quicker is definitely something you will love to have when trying to gain mass.
  • Primal Defense® HSO Formula is a special blend of various herbs and probiotics that will activate your metabolism and significantly improve your immune system to ensure that your body is protected from external threats.
  • Formulated Memory & Focus for Adults 40+ will help you to maintain healthy brain functions and protect neurons from deteriorating improving the quality of memory.

Testimonials from Users of Garden of life

Some companies manage to impress me as a customer. I’m an experienced user of e-Commerce projects, but here I was able to quickly find all interesting to me goods and received a nice discount on each purchase. Searching for necessary products may take a while if you are not working with a huge aggregator of products like

Edna, 33

All high quality food supplements and vitamin complexes from this company are famous products that I have seen many times with my own eyes in pharmacies and their own stores. I’m super happy that I can now buy all their products from an internet outlet.

Toby, 21

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